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Bakko SA Solar and Electrical Services - Mpumalanga

Electric Bakko SA specialises in electrical installations, planning and troubleshooting whereverever conventional electricity is your source of power. From residential to commercial and farming solutions.

Solar Bakko SA is an accredited installer of solar systems for households, farming and companies across all industries. We plan your transition to solar and/or combine solar with your current power source.

The future of power

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing an efficient and professional service in both electrical and solar product supply and installations.

Backed by 13 years experience in the residential, farming and commercial sectors (all industries), Bakko SA is a trusted and certified solar and electrical service provider.

At Solar Bakko SA our aim is to give the best options available with a view to the future of energy supply.

Electricity & Electrical
Solar Power
Industries Served
“The professionalism of Bakko SA was apparent in the timeous installation of my solar solar panels. Many thanks for a great service!”
AB Pashwar
Giving you the best of both worlds

Why Choose Us?


Bakko SA has over 13 years experience in electrical troubleshooting, solar panel installations and related energy services. We reduce consumption cost and increase reliability.

Certified Installer

We are a PVGreenCard certified and accredited solar and electrical services provider with a qualified and skilled team of electricians and engineering professionals.

Attention to Detail

At Bakko SA we investigate and research the best options for your environment. We implement solar plans or conventional electrical supply systems or a combination of both (Hybrid).

PV GreenCard Certified Installer
PV GreenCard Certified Installer

The future of electricity solutions lies in solar, wind and a combination of alternative on and off-grid power sources.

It is our aim to eventually transition our clients from on-the-grid power solutions to off-the-grid solutions or a convenient and effective combination of both.